PDPAOLA Signature Chain Earrings



Strong lines, clean volumetry, structural presence. The new signature chain is the unexpected match between grace and industriality, a fresh and genuine design statement that frames our era. The unique design of the chain’s links commands an aesthetic of contrasts. The conceptualization of these pieces was based on finding a contrast between hard lines and soft figures, creating a singular and architectural piece inspired by a mix of the 2000’s and the industrial revolution.


Carefully hand-polished and plated in 3 microns of 18 karat gold, these unique figures present an octagonal exterior that plays with sculpted faceted sides and accentuates the presence of an ovalish rounded interior, a family of elements composing a collection of chain necklaces, bracelets, earrings and a ring that emanate in a rebellious elegance scenario.
Medium and large sized, this jewelry proposal redefines a way of living that goes beyond a chain.

FINISHING: 18k Gold plating – 3 micron CHAIN LINKS MEASUREMENTS: 20×14.5 mm CHAIN LINKS THICKNESS: 2.5 mm TOTAL LENGTH: 6 cm 3 WAYS TO WEAR IT WEIGHT: 24.1g SKU: AR01-468-U

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18ct Yellow Gold Plate, Brass

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